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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity wall tie original fish tail wall tieCavity Wall Tie Replacement service is required if your wall ties are corroding and causing brick damage. Wall ties are an important part of your homes construction they stop the cavity walls moving apart and they make the properties walls stable and strong. Many later Victorian and Edwardian homes were built with cavities and they used the best material and building practices of that time. Nearly all old buildings of this time were built using a galvanized fish tail wall ties.

Cavity Wall Tie Failure

Cavity wall tie heavily corroded And there was an understanding at the time that these wall ties would have to be replaced in the future if the pointing started to fail the wall ties would be more vulnerable to rusting or corrosion. When these big fishtail wall ties rust they do it under the brick and as they rust some expand so much they can cause the brick to crack and show horizontal and vertical cracking around the brick and mortar beds.

Cavity wall tie replacement stainless steel replacementsCavity wall ties are important there have been many occasions over the years around the country, of the outer cable wall being pulled completely away during stormy nights by wind pressure due to wall tie failure. These wall ties in coastal areas are particularly vulnerable in exposed areas due to the salty air and if black ash mortar was used this even causes acid to attack the wall ties.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement Service

All our work is finished off to the highest of building standards and covered by our long term guarantee.

We can supply and fit the following varieties of wall ties:

  • Resin / grouted anchors
  • Mechanical expansion types
  • Resin / grouted and mechanical combination ties
  • Lateral Restraint ties
  • Crack Stitching ties

Cavity Wall Tie installers, independently accredited and guaranteed

Free cavity wall tie advice from the South’s leading wall tie replacement specialist; Pam ties approved wall tie installers, with proven wall tie installation expertise.

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Wall Tie Survey

If a home buyers report has asked for a wall tie inspection survey then doesn’t worry Bedri can quickly come round and inspect your wall ties and check the condition of the wall ties and suggest a repair strategy.

In order to assess the current state of existing cavity wall ties Bedri are able to utilize a variety of specialist equipment. Using such equipment enables us to pinpoint the wall ties within the construction and consider the material condition of the wall ties. After assessing the condition of the cavity wall ties we'll suggest a course of action to fix the problem.

Naturally, the corrective work is totally dependent upon the survey report, of the problem and the specific type of wall ties which exist in the construction already. Bedri can supply and fit a variety of high quality stainless steel wall ties to counter virtually every eventuality.

Are Wall Ties Important

Wall ties are a very important part of your structure. They allow your property to:-

  1. Have a cavity which stops damp transferring through to the inside.
  2. Allow point load of pressure to be transferred over a larger surface area, internal and external brickwork.
  3. Reduce wind suction in gale conditions.
  4. Stops the two walls pushing apart and causing structural damage.

Wall Tie Corrosion, indications and reasons for wall tie failure

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