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Be Dri are Damp proofing problem experts and specialists in woodworm treatments for wood boring insect in Swanage we are here to help you with good building facts and sound advice into Victorian and Edwardian building practices and there repair.

This website is here to share information and explain building faults to you and how our services can improve your home using our techniques. We also wish to demonstrate the vast amount of knowledge we have and how this can help you make informed decisions about any future repairs.

We have also added some local history and some of the local surrounding Swanage villages where we work •Acton •Durlston •Harman's Cross •Herston •Langton Matravers •Studland •Woolgarston •Worth Matravers

We hope this local information about how and where you live and how your period property was built is of interest to you. And by using our local interest show you where the bricks and mortar that built your house came from locally.

This is why we as Swanage damp proofing and woodworm specialists can help remedy any damp proofing or woodworm infestation issues you may have in your period property.

As professionals we follow the British Research Establishments (BRE) good repair guide and follow the British Standard mark for repairing these types of period houses BS 7913.

Damp Proofing Treatments and Damp problems Swanage

We offer damp proofing solutions in the Swanage area. Damp issues need expert advice and we can suggest a range of damp proofing treatments to solve your damp problems in Swanage properties.

So please use our Find your fault page to understand what is going on in your home and give us a call to answer any damp treatment questions that you might have today.

Call or email us first and ask for a Damp Proofing Survey by an experienced building surveyor

  • Installations and inspection on properties all over the Swanage Dorset Area
  • 20 Year Guarantee, all work is fully certificated
  • Our Guarantees are insured through Pam ties Ltd
  • Damp surveys by experienced damp proofing surveyors
  • Trained to CITB standard for Damp proof Installers
  • Experts, used by Structural engineers & insurance companies
  • Independently accredited and guaranteed
  • Our work Approved by local authorities and mortgage lenders

Free advice on damp problems from Swanage’s leading damp proofing specialist. We are a Pam ties approved damp proof installers, with a proven installation history of past work.

Woodworm Treatment Swanage

Our woodworm treatments will help Swanage customers get rid of their woodworm in the loft or floorboards. So if you live in the Swanage area and need a woodworm treatment from a professional woodworm company call us today.

Because Swanage is a seaside town the moisture in the air seems to keep the timbers at the right moisture content for woodworm. Wood boring insect like moisture in the timber so their grubs can eat the timber much of Swanage uses softwood in its construction in the roof and floor areas.

Be Dri woodworm infestation team based in Swanage Dorset provides a woodworm treatment & eradication service.

We offer some of the best rates without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

  • Local, Swanage Dorset based business
  • Prices start from as low as £180 (including VAT)
  • Comprehensive woodworm treatment solution
  • Need some advice on woodworm?
  • 30 year guarantee
  • Permethrin products have one hour re-entry time
  • Boron products have no re-entry time
  • Both are safe if asthmatic and used correctly

If you suspect woodworm in your home please call Be Dri to speak to a trained technician for free advice and an instant quote on how to quickly deal with your woodworm problem. Be Dri takes pride in serving local Swanage people and price fairly and competitively ensuring our customers always pass on our good name and reputation.

Wall Tie Replacement and Cavity Wall Tie Failure Swanage

Wall tie replacement is needed in some of Swanage’s older properties when they start to corrode. When this happens we offer a wall tie replacement survey which can identify failing wall ties in Swanage period properties.

  • Wall-tie replacement and inspection company on properties over Swanage Dorset
  • Wall tie surveys by experience cavity wall tie surveyors
  • 20 Year wall tie Guarantee, all wall tie replacement is fully guaranteed.
  • Our Wall tie Guarantees are backed through Pam ties Ltd.
  • Be Dri are trained to CITB standard of Wall Tie Installers
  • Brick wall tie experts, used by Structural engineers & insurance companies
  • Wall tie replacement work Approved by local authorities and mortgage lenders

Wall Tie Replacement Installers, independently accredited and guaranteed

Free wall tie advice from Swanage’s leading wall tie replacement specialist; Pam ties approved wall tie installers, with proven wall tie installation expertise.

Homeowners - Estimates by an experienced brick wall tie surveyor call now.

Home-buyers - We offer a full on-site inspection and written report for a fixed fee.

Repointing Houses and Pointing Brickwork Swanage

As Victorian houses in Swanage get older they need repointing this because the mortar erodes and needs replacing this action stop your bricks from spalling. We can remove the old mortar and repoint your house with new sand and lime mortar which will make your Swanage property like new again.

Our specialist material suppler will provide us with a choice of sand mixes which will offer you different colour choices to best suit you house and current brickwork.

  • High quality sand and lime mixes
  • Dustless Extraction System
  • Traditional lime putty mortars
  • Coloured mortars
  • Replacement brickwork
  • A high quality finish

All our work is cosmetically pleasing and that our workmanship will last for years to come. And we don't leave a mess when we're finished the work.

Repointing houses in Swanage is a skilled job and requires dedicated tradesman to complete the work to a high finish so if you need your home repointed in a traditional way then please call us today to arrange a visit from Be Dri.

Wet and Dry Rot Treatments in Swanage

Wet and dry rot in Swanage can be quite common due to lack of sub floor ventilation. Because many of Swanage’s properties have had the ground around them raised they have blocked the air vents this causes moisture to be retained under the floor which creates the right conditions for wet and dry rot.

The problem affects all types of property, historic or modern. Humidity combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungal attack.

  • Wet and dry rot inspections on properties all over Swanage Dorset
  • Wet and dry rot surveys by experience rot surveyors
  • Safe Boron water based products
  • 30 Year wood rotting fungi Guarantees

If you have wet rot or dry rot in your property please call Be Dri to speak to a trained technician for free advice and an instant quote on how to quickly deal with your wet and dry rot problem. Be Dri takes pride in serving local Swanage people and price fairly and competitively ensuring our customers always pass on our good name and reputation.

Swanage Damp Proofing and Woodworm Infestation Surveys

We offer a survey service for any detailed inspection of your property that you might need. We can identify any building faults that you might have and offer a full written report.

Please call today to arrange a survey.

Damp Proof Courses Problems and Solutions in Swanage

After the building boom of 1880 in Swanage many properties were still constructed with different practices and some planning restrictions and were built by Contractors individual tradesman and to different standards.

   The curse of rising damp through the lower floor area should have been entirely eradicated with introduction of suspended wooden floors which started to be introduced in the late Victorian period.

The difficulty can be that some have been laid on sleeper walls without a DPC. And others the floor joists are built into the wall, either where it’s below DPC or on internal walls where no DPC was ever installed initially. This has caused many collective problems to appear from the ground up such as penetrating damp, wet rot, dry rot and an increase of woodworm treatments.

Where Swanage Materials Came From?

The Swanage brick company is still making bricks at Godlingston in Purbeck. They use the local Wealden Clay and have done for well over a hundred years. The colour of the bricks depends on where they are in the kiln. Dorset blues come the top and hottest part of the kiln and light red bricks from the bottom. 

How and When Swanage was Built.

Originally a part of Worth Matravers, Swanage became a separate parish in 1500 and until the 19th century it also included a narrow strip of heathland running north to the shores of Poole Harbour and covering nearly 600 acres, now in Studland parish.

The buildings of the old town are of local stone and are strung out along the line of the High Street running eastwards to the sea. Though Welsh slates for roofing were introduced in the early 19th century, the local stone is the predominating material for roofs as well as for walls. The export of stone from Swanage was developed in the 18th century and towards the end of that century William Morton Pitt of Kingston Maurward attempted to establish a fishing and fish-curing industry here. He also started the development of the town as a resort with the conversion of the Manor House into a hotel, which later became the Royal Victoria.

The town's greatest prominence came during the Victorian Mowlem and Burt period. When John Mowlem (1788–1868), a Swanage resident, became a successful builder in London, he created the Mowlem construction company, which existed as recently as 2006, when it was acquired by Carillion whose chief executive orchestrated the £313m takeover of Mowlem. And during that period George Burt (1816–1894) who took over the business when Mowlem retired.

Mowlem and Burt were highly influential in the development of the town, taking an active interest in their town of birth into retirement. Between them they were responsible for the building of much of the town's infrastructure, including the town's first pier, the Mowlem Institute (a reading room), the first gas and water works, and the development of the Durlston estate and Country Park, at the southern end of the town. The Great Globe which can be found slightly south of Durlston Castle, both also designed by Crickmay, in the Durlston Country Park was completed by George Burt in 1887.

Swanage Lighthouse was built in 1880, on the clifftop at Anvil Point, not far away from Durlston Castle.

Many of Swanage properties were built after the Victorian 1880 - 1890 building boom most houses are late Victorian early Edwardian houses. Later Edwardian constructed properties are readily found around the town prior to the First World War.

Swanage Railway

Swanage started to prosper as the info structure into Dorset expanded. Swanage has its first railway connection originally a branch line which runs from Wareham, Dorset to Swanage that was opened in 1885. An independent company built it and then was amalgamated with the larger London and South Western Railway in 1886.

Steam boat trips between the new rapidly prospering Victorian Bournemouth tourist industry and Swanage became very popular as both towns had so much to offer to the modern Victorian holiday maker.

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