Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp Specialists Penetrating damp specialist show how blocked cavity's causes this damp problem in Dorset

Penetrating damp specialist can show you how moisture comes through the wall instead of up them this can appear at any level. This penetration can be caused by external ground levels being higher than the property’s dpc or were poor Penetrating damp specialist Dorset removing vast amounts of material from cavity wallspointing and driving rain saturates the wall.

When driving rain is the cause it leaves brown patchy stains on the wallpaper or the internal Penetrating damp specialist showing how a cavity should after it has been clearedplasterwork.

Also over time and poor building practices on the original build the cavities are filled with brick Penetrating damp specialist removing old sash weights from a Victorian houserubble, broken slate, timber and weights from the old sash windows when the double glazing was installed. You would be amazed at the amount of debris that can be removed from a cavity wall clean out it can be by the wheel barrow load.

Penetrating damp specialist finds the cause of moisture on the internal wall due to the cement render touching the floorThe debris in between the cavity gets wet and this moisture Penetrating damp specialist finds another blocked cavity causing Penetrating damp transfers on to the internal wall the damp on the inner wall looks like rising damp if not diagnosed properly.

We have removed over 300kg’s of building rubble from blocked cavities in a small 3 bedroom Victorian home.

Penetrating Damp Coming through Walls

There are specific places where penetrating damp will commonly Penetrating damp specialist removing a vast amount of building material from another Victorian semi detached home in Dorsetenter the property. The window sills are usually made of stone or rendered brick and over the years with movement and the mortar around them cracks allowing water to run in behind them and down the cavity.

This water will flow over the internal brickwork down to the base of Penetrating damp specialist finds blocked cavity's are the problem in this Edwardian Housethe cavity resulting in damp around the skirting boards and the floor joists.

Early Victorian property’s floor joists were built into the wall so this type of water penetration will rot your sub floor joists.

Penetrating damp specialist finds a sache weight stuck amongst brickwork causing moisture to penetrate across the cavity to rot your timber skirting boards

 Penetrating Damp Internal Walls

Penetrating damp specialist has to remove the concrete plinth in order to remove building rubble in a cavity

Property faults and poor maintenance cause continuous damp spots these areas become saturated from this heavy wetting. Faulty gutter union jointers and blocked down pipes, causes walls to become saturated this will cause damp to appear at low levels.

Other areas such as doors and window frames suffer similar problems with water penetration between frame and wall when the mortar has become poor. More common sources of dampness includes faulty plumbing, rising damp through the floor, adjoining garden walls and creeping plants such as ivy who’s roots travel through soft sand and lime mortar beds into the cavity or through solid walls. The roots will get larger and force the mortar out and will let more water in.

Penetrating damp specialist find damp to lower walls around skirting board height

Penetrating Damp Cure

Even when the sources of dampness have been removed it can still take many Penetrating damp specialist finds that trapped moisture is causing gypsum plaster to show hydroscopic salt damagemonths for the material to dry out. And when dampness is drying out it can look like the same as the original problem, especially

If gypsum plasters are used to finish and they have absorbed salts.

Penetrating damp specialist has to repasted using breathable plaster

Penetrating damp specialist removes another wheel barrow of rubble from a blocked cavity wallThis is why it is important to remove all sources of dampness and to re plaster with the correct materials and use the right plastering system.

Penetrating Damp Survey

Penetrating damp specialist surveys in DorsetPenetrating Damp is the biggest damp problem affecting Period houses today. This type of damp causes numerous dampness issues trapping moisture around the base of the building. The signs of these faults could be eroding bricks or walls with interior showing signs dampness.

Penetrating damp specialist finds wet material in the cavity wall and compacts it into a ball due to the moisture level

Our surveyor will be happy to attend and give on sight advice and a written report if required for Mortgage Purposes on penetrating damp.

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