Damp proofing solutions
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Damp proofing solutions

Damp proofing solutions

Damp proofing solutions are what people need when their house is suffering from damp issues. Damp comes into a house for many reasons and only a professional company with experienced surveyors will be able to offer your sound advice and damp proofing solutions for your problem.


If your house is suffering from damp then what type of damp is it and what is causing it. When this is known only then can the correct advice be given and a solution to your problem. Older houses are often incorrectly diagnosed because of inexperienced surveyors or company’s only offering a quick fix method to mask the real problem. This has led to many of the problems coming back or causing other problems due to hygroscopic salts in the material and method they used due to the high humidity in old houses.

To be able to offer damp proofing solutions in older houses a full understanding of these properties an expert will make sure the correct advice and repair solution is given to stop any future problems arising. Today’s quick fix methods and expensive plastering systems are showing the wrong method of repair in Victorian and Edwardian houses.

Damp Proofing Problems

Many older houses have had their original sand and lime plastered walls skimmed with modern gypsum plaster so their walls have flat services so there painted as this is the modern way. This has led to an increase in humidity within properties and the rise in black mould on walls and ceilings. Not all modern damp proofing solutions are suitable for older houses especially if the original damp problem wasn’t rising damp. Most quick fix companies will let you to believe that this is the case when in fact much of today’s damp at lower levels is penetrating damp.

They do this so they can strip your interior walls up to a metre high and inject your external walls with a chemical paste and say your damp course has failed then give you a guarantee against rising damp. The British Research Establishment the leading authority in this country for this type of work recommend against this method as they do not believe damp courses in older houses fail like most damp company would have you believe.

Damp Solutions Surveys

To be able to offer the correct damp proofing solutions in houses built between 1837 and 1920 only experienced surveyors and company’s offering alternatives to these quick fix methods should survey these period houses to prevent futures problems. Time and time again using modern methods in Victorian and Edwardian houses has led the fabric of older property’s to deteriorate.