Damp  Surveys

Damp Surveys by Be Dri damp proofing and property refurbishment we survey all Damp Surveys inspecting under floorboards and floor joistssorts of properties which are getting older or are just old. Victorian and Edwardian are now historic buildings and require really experienced damp, woodworm, building surveyors just like Grade 1 or grade 2 listed buildings. Due to poor building practices a lot of houses are repaired with the incorrect materials or are incorrectly diagnosed with faults due to many other factors.

Damp survey help and guidanceWhat we do at Be Dri is help extend the life of your home by professionally surveying your home to begin with. We do this for many reasons, mainly to diagnosis faults or to offer our written survey reports listing any works that may or may not be required.

You may need a professional damp, woodworm, waterproofing or building survey report because you are buying or selling a property. Or have had a Home buyers report and need questions answered fast and reports within 48hours.

Areas Surveyed Bournemouth - Poole - Weymouth - Dorchester - Blandford - Swanage - Wareham -Bridport - Christchurch - Salisbury - Yeovil - Southampton - Romsey - Ringwood

We also hope to but your mind at ease and fully explain our findings in a way you can understand and with pictures to show what we found.So if you need a survey about Damp proofing, woodworm treatments, cavity wall tie failure, repointing brickwork and dry rot issues or condensation and ventilation problems. Call us today.

Damp survey & Timber Wall tie Failure Survey Page corroded wall tie under brickDamp survey & wood boring insect survy, Wall tie Failure Survey Page woodworm surveyDamp & Woodworm Wall tie Failure Survey Page Spalling brickwork due to cement mortar

Woodworm Surveys

Benefits of a Professional Remedial Survey Could Save You Thousands

Our damp surveys are very professional surveys. We are in guidance of BS 7913: 2013 – Guide to the conservation of historic buildings. We take a practical view of the building – looking at the conservation of historic buildings. Our surveys of the building are looking at the environment, the way it sits on the land, even the materials it was built with. And the various impositions made to it over the years.

The effects of using the wrong materials over the years and installing unsuitable materials can and does cause many other problems in the way it is supposed to breath and move throughout the year.

Find out the true cost of, the lack of maintenance or the use of wrong materials on a potential house purchase will cost you before making an offer.

Wall Tie Replacement Surveys

Are You a Home Owner and Experiencing Some Type of Damp Issue and Need Advice or a Report?

Be Dri Surveys can help with:

  • Penetrating damp - slowly rotting out sub floors, floorboards and ruined plaster.
  • Failed pointing and wall tie replacement-  one problem causes the other, commonly found together.
  • Woodworm infestation - found in internal roofs and floor timbers
  • Poor or faulty pointing and brickwork - we replace and repoint.
  • Wall ties - deteriorating due to corrosion and poor pointing.
  • Internal plaster - ruined due to penetrating damp at low levels.
  • Ground too high and need a new DPC - installed around house or French drain.

These are all possible unforeseen problems which could cost you thousands of pounds so having your own period property survey is an investment.

Damp survey & Woodworm Wall tie Failure Survey Page Woodworm infestation due to dampness under floorDamp survey & Woodworm Survey, Cavity Wall tie Failure, Survey Page, wood boring insect attack floorboardsDamp & Woodworm Wall tie Failure Survey Page cavity walls causing penetrating dampDamp & Woodworm Wall tie Failure Survey Page opened cavity walls with excessive building material causing internal dampness along the skirting boards

Types of Surveys

Whole house survey inspections are available and very helpful if your homebuyers report has issues and problems highlighted by a RICS surveyor.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff ensures your work is carried out properly. We understand how and why buildings are built and the way they react to our modern world.

Professional service needn't cost a fortune. Best advice is always given and we would like the opportunity to give you a professional sales quote or survey on your particular problem.

Free Sales Quotations for Property Faults

A sale quote allows a prospective buyer of our services to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done without the need for a detailed survey report.

Damp  Surveys - Woodworm Surveys, Wall Tie 

  • Full Pre Purchase House Survey Damp, Woodworm Infestation, Rot and Wall Tie Report £170.00
  • Pre Purchase Damp Survey Damp, Woodworm Infestation and Rot Report £120.00
  • Home Owner Survey Damp , Woodworm and Rot Report £75
  • House Survey Wall Tie Assessment Report £120
  • Damp Survey Report £75
  • Woodworm Survey Report £75
  • Wet and Dry Survey Rot Report £75
  • Ventilation, Condensation and Mould Survey Report £75
  • House Re Pointing Survey Report £75
  • Basement Waterproofing Survey Report £75
  • Reports within 48hours.
  • 0% vat Charged


Q) Are those damp downstairs walls causing you to worry?

A) We have a range of methods and damp proofing products to remedy your problem. We use old and new methods of plastering and the correct materials are used to ensure you home stays dry all year round.

Q) Have you found woodworm in your property or the property you propose to buy? Did you find it in the loft/roof timbers, down stairs floorboards or maybe in the garage?

A) Here at Be Dri let us survey and treat your woodworm infestation with one of our latest safest woodworm treatments and guaranteed for 30 years.

Q) I’ve been told my wall ties are corroded and are causing the cracking in the brickwork?

A) We are able to arrange a full inspection of the wall ties to check for any corrosion or settlement cracks.

Be Dri Customer Service

Don’t be damp Be Dri call us today and let us help you with any of your damp proofing, woodworm treatments, wall tie replacement, repointing brickwork and wet and dry rot issues.

It’s free to call and costs nothing to ask your questions.

Looking for a specialist? Want help and information on a problem. Need to schedule a survey? We will get what you need as quickly as possible - the easy way.

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Free Sales Quotations for Property Faults

A sale quote allows a prospective buyer of our services to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done without the need for a detailed survey report.Bournemouth - Poole - Weymouth - Dorchester - Blandford
Swanage - Wareham - Bridport - Christchurch - Wimborne
Salisbury - Yeovil - Southampton Areas Surveyed

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