Home Ventilation System 

Home Ventilation System solutions for you home, if you’re suffering from excessive moisture in your home with damp walls and ceilings in your bedrooms and kitchens or bathrooms. Then this is modern living not enough extraction fans to expel the humid air during the day.

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Home Ventilation System

Home Ventilation System will help new and old buildings that will require mechanical ventilation to maintain indoor air quality. A good Home Ventilation System will also help control moisture which can lead to mould growth and health problems in extreme cases.

The decision to use a Home Ventilation System is usually due to concerns that natural ventilation will not provide adequate air quality.

Controlling moisture with a Home Ventilation System can make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in. Properly controlling moisture in your home will improve how effective your ability to stop drafts and improving insulation has been a Home Ventilation System should be part of your moisture control strategy.

Home Ventilation System Installation

Once Be Dri receive the go ahead installations are carried out speedily. Most installations can be completed within four hours. We use diamond tipped dust extract boring equipment to minimise discomfort and we always make good afterwards. All our installation engineers are fully trained in customer care and treat customers and tenants in their properties with courtesy and respect.

Home Ventilation System Removes Moisture

Modern everyday living adds extra moisture to the air within our homes and without extraction it just accumulates day by day. This is what black mould (Aspergillus Niger) and similar moulds thrive on as they require high levels of surface moisture.

To give you some idea as to how much extra water this could be, here are a few recognised figures for levels of moisture produced during a typical week.

2 people at home can produce = 3 pints - Washing dishes = 2 pints - A bath or shower = 6 pints

Bottled gas heater (8 hours use) = 4 pints - Drying clothes indoors = 6 pints - Cooking and use of a kettle = 9 pints

Causes of condensation

  1. Are you cooking with little or no extraction?
  2. Are you guilty of drying your wet clothes on radiators during the winter?
  3. Does your tumble dryer vent to the outside or just pumps steam back into the house?
  4. Do you have a fan in the bathroom for when you take a bath or shower?
  5. Is the high humidity during the day and the cooler night time temperatures causing all these problems to condensate in your home?

Home Ventilation System Survey

We all deserve fresh, clean air in our homes so let us help you improve or upgrade your current ventilation requirements. We are a mould and Home Ventilation System specialist company.

Home ventilation system surveyOur surveyors will help you choose the right fan for your rooms and property.

Call today to improve your homes air quality.

Home Ventilation system Customer Service

Don’t be damp Be Dri call us today and let us help you with any of your ventilation, condensation, damp proofing, woodworm Home ventilation system customer servicetreatments, wall tie replacement, repointing brickwork, and wet and dry rot issues.

It’s free to call and costs nothing to ask your questions about home ventilation systems.

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