Woodworm Treatments

Most woodworm treatments takes place in the lofts of houses Woodworm treatment for lofts in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somersetas that is where most infestations seem to start. This because these little beetles can fly into them and start there life cycle. But any long term woodworm infestation in a house with softwood such as pine in its construction can and does seem to spread. They can infest ground floor areas this due to sub floor timbers attracting slightly more moisture and making the wood more easily attacked.

They spread along the floor joist and underneath the floorboards into other rooms in the sub floor area. Then when the grubs are ready to emerge from there flight holes as adult beetles they start breeding and laying eggs. The woodworm treatments we off will quickly stop the infestation. The product soaks into the wood and kills the grubs and the beetles.

The woodworm treatments we offer can easily stop your wood boring insect infestation.  Which is infesting your house and causing damage to your construction timbers. A woodworm treatment is applied to timbers to prevent the further damage caused by the woodworm grub.

 Woodworm Treatments Types

 Liquid Preservatives- These are the most commonly used; they Woodworm treatment for floorboards and floor joists in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somersetconsist of a long lasting (persistent) insecticide carried as a fluid. They all intend to:

  • Kill the larva in the place of penetration
  • Leave a persistent layer of insecticide in the area penetrated which kills beetles as they emerge from the pupae and tunnel to the surface.
  • Prevent further infestation by leaving a persistent layer of insecticide in the area penetrated to kill any eggs or hatching larva.

The effectiveness of any woodworm treatment depends on the application. And the size and the ability of the infested timbers to absorb liquid and thoroughness of the application.

Emulsion / Water based (Be Dri only uses Emulsion Based products)

Woodworm treatment using emolison liquids in lofts, garages attics and floorboards in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, SomersetEmulsions are insecticide suspended in a mixture of water and organic solvent.

These are applied by spray or brush. The penetration of micro emulsions is far better than that of traditional water based or oil formulations. These products are Permethrin and Boron.


Re-entry times after woodworm treatment is complete between 0 mins to 1 hour.

Solvent based products (Be Dri Do Not Use These Products)

Sometimes referred to as spirit based or oil based. These consist of persistent insecticides dissolved in a volatile fluid such as white spirit. They are applied to the timber surface by spray or brush. These products are not the preferred industry standard for use in domestic or commercial properties.

Re-entry time after woodworm treatment is up to 48hrs clients must vacate premises in that time.

Paste Products (Be Dri use paste products)

These are insecticides carried in a gelatinous paste. They adhere to wood surfaces and deliver greater quantities of active ingredients than liquid. They therefore have a potential for greater loadings and deeper penetration of insecticide. However they take longer to apply.

Smoke treatments (Be Dri use these product)

Pyrotechnic canisters produce clouds of insecticide particles in the form of smoke. The smoke deposits a fine layer of insecticide on all surfaces (including vertical surfaces and the underside s of timber). The surface deposits will kill all crawling insects, provided the application rate is adequate. Smoke treatments can be a useful on impermeable timbers. They are also easier to use where access is difficult. However, the limitations of smokes treatments are that

  • Effective woodworm control requires repeated treatments, each consisting of one or more applications. They have to be carefully timed to the annual emergence of the beetles.
  • Larval activity continues in the wood until eradication is complete. And during this time highly active woodworm attacks could cause significant structural damage.
  • Smoke deposits are widely distributed so can affect other surfaces. This makes them more hazardous to the health of building occupants than liquid or paste formulations.

This method can only be used between May and September when there are active beetles in your loft,

Gas Fumigation (Be Dri does not use this product)

Fumigation is effective if infested timbers can be enclosed temporarily in an atmosphere of the gas. The insects are killed by direct toxic action of the gas which diffuses into the damaged timber. However the treatment provides no residual protection against re infestation. In the UK fumigation against wood boring insect is normally only used for moveable items like museum exhibits, which can be seal in gas tight chamber.

Heat sterilisation (Be Dri Do Not Use This Process)

A temperature of 52-55C for 30-60 minutes is lethal to all wood boring insects found in the UK. Heat sterilisations, in the UK, is used commercially only in the kiln sterilisations of sawn wood hardwoods which have become infested by Lyctus powderpost beetle during storage. In some European countries, roof space infestation by the house longhorn beetle are sterilised by a hot air process.

The air is heated by a mobile heating unit and then introduced into the roof through ducts.

An extremely expensive process and often takes far longer than expected and difficult to maintain the heat, many failed treatments not recommended.

Woodworm Survey

Have you had a homebuyers report or may be found woodworm Woodworm treatment surveys for houses, lofts attics and garages in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somersetsomewhere in your property. In timbers such as joists, loft or the floorboards in the lounge. Then the best way to diagnosis any wood boring insect is to have a woodworm beetle survey.

We can quickly write to you with a full report and identify which beetle species has infested your property’s timbers. Then recommend a woodworm treatment to eradicate them quickly and safely.

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